What is the difference between industrial lift doors and stacking doors

Jieyang industrial lift doors have intelligent characteristics, and their distinctive design schemes are suitable for installation on most building structures. Whether it is a residential door or an industrial door, the lifting door has a compact structure, and has the advantages of insulation layer heat insulation and anti-theft. Therefore, the choice of Hengjie is the choice of high efficiency and durability. It consists of a series of door frames, which rise along the rails, and the torsion spring system software maintains the balance of the door pages. The difference in rail system software and improvement methods enables it to be integrated into different building structures. Different surfaces, door frames in a variety of tones, and different door frame colors make it a perfect match with the nearby natural environment. The airtightness in the middle of the door frame guarantees its thermal insulation and insulation layer, prevents water from being immersed, prevents dust from entering, etc., and has a thermal insulation effect.


Stacking doors are also called "soft curtain stacking doors" and "quick stacking doors"

The soft curtain stacking doors of Hengjie wooden doors have multiple functions such as heat preservation, cold insulation, mothproofing, wind resistance, pollution prevention, sound insulation and noise reduction, fire safety, and odor prevention. They are commonly used in food, organic chemistry, and textiles. , Refrigeration, electronic devices, packaging and printing, store refrigerated assembly lines, sophisticated machinery and equipment, warehousing and logistics, etc., suitable for safe transportation and logistics channels, large-scale holes, and high wind resistance regulations. Schools inside and outside doors. It can be improved considering the excellent performance of freight logistics and cleaning the site, and it saves energy, improves the actual effect of central air-conditioning, and automatically turns off at a high speed, improving efficiency and high efficiency.

  Quick opening: deposition stacking is switched off, the opening rate is 0.8-1.2m/s; the closing rate is 0.5-1.b250/s.

  Insulation, environmental protection and energy saving: The rapid opening and closing of the door improves the actual effect of heat preservation in summer and winter, reduces the damage of kinetic energy, and saves electric energy.

Sealing barrier: The bottom end is equipped with a ductile PVC needle-punched non-woven air-tightness, which can be integrated with a variety of uneven roads with high precision, and can achieve 1000-level specifications. The door frame is sealed with unique two The layer brush enhances the tightness. Unique sealing system software, high-efficiency sealing method, maximum block the movement of heat insulation and cold wind, avoid the entry of external dust and insects, and reasonably block the spread of smell and noise.

Safety factor: The material of door frame and door box is 2.0-2 mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate steel structure, high-quality baking and spraying process solutions; 2.0-2 mm thick stainless steel plate or 3. mm high toughness 6063 oxidation resistance Industrial aluminum profile pole.

   Power device: use the professional motor of Hengjie soft curtain stacking door.

  Automatic control system: use new technology PLC and soft starter to operate.



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