Detailed explanation of the classification and composition of sliding doors

In Jieyang industrial lifting door manufacturers, industrial sliding doors are divided into vertical lifting, standard lifting and upper lifting, while the electric swing door is facing the power switch from the middle to the sides. Which industrial door opening method to choose will depend on the detailed situation of your working environment and the analysis of requests, and the design of each industrial door has its own characteristics and advantages. Larger doors also include garage stacking doors and sliding doors.ABUIABAEGAAg_sXo9QUo-aaztQMwugQ4sQQ.png

According to the purpose, the sliding door can be divided into two types: industrial sliding door and industrial lifting door; according to the opening method, it can be divided into two types: manual sliding door and electric sliding door. The total thickness of the sliding door frame door frame is 40mm±mm, and both sides are 0 mm thick. Angang color-coated thick steel plate. The coating treatment is polyester coating, topcoat, passivation treatment layer, hot-dip galvanized layer, orange from top to bottom. Embossing, front and back noodle-shaped ribs improve the compressive strength of the door frame.

The two-layer thick steel plate is filled with hard foamed polyurethane material, the relative density is about 40kg/m3, and the heat transfer coefficient is lower than 0.033W/m.k. A continuous steel chain is set up at the door hinge of the equipment to ensure that the door hinge is firm. For the door frame above 5m, an 8b250m high rib is set on the inner side of each door frame to ensure that the door frame has an impact and compressive strength above the twelfth level. An EPDM silicone rubber sealing strip is set up at the bottom end of the section door frame, and a safety air tank is set up in the sealing rubber strip. Stainless steel heads on both sides of the door frame are both δ=1.b250m galvanized stainless steel heads.

Door frame butt door hinges are produced by hot-dip galvanized cold-rolled sheet stamping molds. Material thickness δ=2.b250m, hot-dip galvanized thickness more than 28?m. The slide rail is δ=3mm hot-dip galvanized steel sheet roll production of 3-inch special-purpose slide rail for industrial doors; the cross-sectional design of the slide rail includes anti-hook , In order to ensure the stable operation of the guide wheel in the slide rail; the slide rail rain shield is made of δ=3mm hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, and the rain shield is equipped with a door-side sealing vulcanized rubber expansion slot and the equipment for docking with the slide rail Hole; The guide wheel adopts Φ72mm special-purpose guide wheel for industrial doors. The material of the guide wheel is wear-resistant polyester, contains roller bearings, and runs stably without noise.



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