Where are the advantages of industrial lift doors?

With the acceleration of the intelligent process, it is widely used in a variety of intelligent processing plants and some more unique production lines. For industrial doors, it has a happy appearance, smooth power switch, and reliable safety. In addition to many advantages, such as low noise, very high density, and strong heat insulation and high temperature resistance, saving indoor space for themed activities of processing plants and increasing productivity, there are also some advantages that are not easily discovered by others, do you know? Let's follow the web editor to learn more about it!


‍The lifting door body of Jieyang industrial lifting door is mainly produced by applying double-layer relatively high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and some environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials to integrate foaming. Generally speaking, the thickness of the single-sided steel plate of the hoisting door of an industrial plant is 0.4 mm. There are basically two types of thickness of all doors of industrial plant lift doors: 40 mm and 50 mm. This allows the manufacturer to make a variety of choices based on the height and size of the door that is specifically required.

The key to the interior of this board is to add and upgrade the steel plate, which has excellent thermal insulation properties and thermal composition. The foam density has also met the national regulations. The door frame is also professionally used to integrate into the average temperature. Buffer strips.

Most of the color tones of the lift doors of industrial plants are milky white, but there are also color tones that are discussed in many cases. The rails of the industrial plant are of general style. Generally, high-quality steel plates must be integrated and formed. There are also many kinds of slide rails. Naturally, supporting facilities must be developed based on the specific data information of the door. In the use period, the lifting door of the industrial plant is equipped with an outward key system software, which can undertake more than 30,000 cycles of the working cycle system. For safety management system software, infrared induction magnetic induction equipment and its automobile airbag equipment are generally used.

All products meet the actual national testing standards, and many electric doors have two-way safety. Industrial sliding doors have the advantages of anti-freezing, thermal insulation, light weight bearing capacity, complete color tone, solid and beautiful appearance, stable operation, convenient installation, and not occupying the lower indoor space. The door leaf can be installed with side doors. Vertical industrial doors are divided into three types: manual type, electric type, and remote control. The industrial sliding door can be opened and closed manually when the power is cut off. Our company provides you with professional services for industrial doors, and presents a variety of manual and fully automatic automatic control systems to meet customer requirements for opening and closing industrial doors.



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