How to install Jieyang industrial hoisting door track

The opening and closing of the Jieyang industrial lift gate must be carried out within the track. If the track is installed incorrectly, there will be no horizontal line on the left and right of the sliding gate. Then, the operation of the sliding door must suffer considerable harm. Below, everyone will talk about the steps required to install the rails for the sliding door.


When installing the sliding door, firstly, you must determine the position of the rail fixing card on both sides according to the aspect ratio and the total width of the sliding door frame.

Secondly, use a meter ruler to accurately measure the distance between the track of the clear sliding door and the wall and its two horizontal rails, use the level ruler to measure the level of the horizontal rail of the sliding door, and use small screws and hexagonal nuts to move the slide The horizontal rail docking piece of the lifting door is docked and fixed with the horizontal rail and the rail fixing card.

Finally, two tripods are made of angle steel with inner eyes, and they are connected to the end of the horizontal rail of the sliding door with small screws and screw caps, and then fixed to the wall with anchor bolts. The same must be fixed firmly.



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